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MAME Cabinet Diary

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Week Five

Saturday 2nd March 2002

This week, I have mostly been eating, worms. Well actually not, but I did take a trip to the local DIY store and purchase some suitable spray cans for tarting up the control panel. The first of these was a plain grey primer for the first coat, the second was a strange sort of white, black and grey fleck texture paint, designed to simulate granite. The last was a top coat varnish.

So on went the primer, wow, exciting stuff huh! I am only sorry I didn't include a video of the process. We probably did two coats of this.

Then on went the first of many coats for the textured paint, which really looked very very good, in fact way better than any of us thought. Lastly a bit of varnish over the top for protective measures, just in case someone gets a really high score in Pacman and leaves a bit of a stain.

If you are wondering what the logs are, we did this in the garden on the grass. They held down the newspaper and stopped it being blown about.


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