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Week Two - Part Two

Saturday 9th February 2002 continued

Since the controls of one cabinet had been taken off and fitted onto the better surroundings of another, the guy who sold me it bashed off the wooden control panel mounting blocks from the other box so I could mount them properly when I got home. And here they are below, not mounted properly (or at all) when I'd got home.

Now onto the remaining stuff I got which was all attached by wires in some way or another to the control panel below.

Rather a lot isn't there, and if I wanted to do what some people have and make a cabinet that would run both proper Jamma style arcade PCB boards plus work with a PC then I'd have kept it all. However for me this isn't important for my authentic experience so for ease I took a pair of wire cutters to the lot of it.

Two different joysticks, a number of decent (albeit dirty) condition buttons, two buttons with varying degrees of cigarrette burns and a missing player one start button. You can see the covering on the control panel is in a right state and will have to be replaced in some way, but the panel is otherwise okay.

Looking at this from the backview you can see the wiring loom for the controls, this will save me a lot of time regardless of how much I ended up replacing control wise.

Here is the coin mechanism, a credit control unit and also a credit counter which reads 74,782 currently. Quick maths show that this is probably at least a minimum of £14,956 and possibly up to £37,391 if it had a game that set you back 50p a throw. My plan is to impliment the counter into my cabinet, resetting it to zero beforehand.

I really wanted to get the coin mechanism going as well, since throwing in monchatos really does help make the experience authentic, not to mention a good way of squeezing money out of your brother.

Above is the mains socket, a nicely exposed AC transformer which is presumably to drive both the DC transformer and the arcade monitor which don't take 240v but American style 115v. The black box death trap looking thing is a dodgy looking DC transformer which actually works but not enough for me to trust it beyond testing the coin mechanism.

And lastly here is a pressure switch that seems to be connected to the Jamma connector to let the machine know someone is tampering by taking off the back door, and a mains rocker switch. None of it I will actually use but hay, my bandwidth is cheap so here is the image.


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