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MAME Cabinet Diary

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Week Three

Saturday 16th February 2002

I think it is probably fair to point out at this juncture, that the text on the previous page and all proceeding it, were written quite some time ago. If what follows has the feeling of disjointed prose or repetition of crap jokes, you'll know why. However taking long breaks in literature never did Tolkein any harm, so if it is good enough for him...

Now for a quick dull bit, if indeed there are any exciting bits. The control panel that I got with this cab didn't match the retaining blocks that were fitted to it. But the guy I bought it off had kindly (with the aid of a big hammer) provided ones that did.

In the piccy above you can see where I had removed the ill-fitting blocks, and replaced the wooden dowelling with new ones. Below are the rescued new bits, which with a little seperating thanks to a screwdriver, plonk straight onto the above, with the aid of another hammer.

Now these are all very well, but what they really need is a control panel slapped up tightly against them, insert a sexual reference here. And low and behold, I'm all out of innuendos, so here is the control panel instead.

I dread to think of what seedy dice this spent a large proportion of its life in, a few of the buttons looked cigarette singed, one completely missing, others rather grimey, and one of the joysticks didn't match the other.

And covering the frame was a rather scratched and haggered hypnotically patterned vinyl covering, which had to go.


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