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Week Two - Part Three

Sunday 10th February 2002

It's cleaning day, having stripped everything out of the cabinet it was time to remove every trace of vomit, pee stains (you'd be amazed how many blokes and even girls don't wash their hands after a visit to the lav) and dirty little germs from it. Out came the anti-bacterial cleaner, fairy liquid, and pretty much every chemical under the kitchen sink, with much scrubbing thrown in for good measure.

At the base you can see that the horrible rubber matting which was in worse condition than most 70s rock star's hairdos, has been ripped off completely revealing a discoloured wooden base. Everything else however has scrubbed up clean and I would say is probably in 8.5/10 condition.

After a bit of searching to find the correct bits, the black edging has been hammered into place courtesy of a groove in the chipboard, and then washed to make it look nice. Each side uses one long continous strip, and everywhere there is a significant angle, the extruding section of the edging has been cut away so as not to interfere with the change in direction.

The back is oddly enough in the worst shape, probably because of the odd chip whilst moving it around. Also usually being more unaccessible for cleaning when in an arcade, the dirt has accumulated over time. Still since it will also eventually be up against a wall in my office, thats no big problem.

Above is a closer look at the open coin doors, plus the now bare and grubby looking base which would need jazzing up somehow.

A bit of Mark's living room carpet from his loft was cut and fitted to the base (with some heavy man-handling to get it under the vertical coin box column) then secured using the two removeable metal grip-strips on either side.

Looking at the lower coing door is a noticeable hole where a short barrel lock should go, some of which I was searching for on ebay.

Anyhow that lot was enough work for this week, next up was to sort out the control panel.


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