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Wednesday, 5th December 2012, 23:34

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Wednesday, 24th October 2012, 11:10

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Why Do People Come Here?
Monday, 15th October 2012, 15:47

They come to look at porn!

Idiot thinks Raspberry Pi Unsuitable for Education
Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, 15:24

Dumbest thing I've read since...

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Monday, 17th September 2012, 14:36

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Forest Racer - A HTML5 Game in Under 13K
Tuesday, 11th September 2012, 20:46

Including all assets, but only when zipped

Entering a 13k HTML5 Game Competition
Tuesday, 4th September 2012, 16:31

I'm so tempted to have a go at this

Faster Loops and Faster Iterations in Node.js and V8
Wednesday, 29th August 2012, 13:16

Is Object.keys faster than For...In?

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MAME Cabinet Diary

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A fully featured MP3 player what I wrote

GP Space Invaders

My first little emulator

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Some info and links about this cute little handheld

Disney Nasties

Uncensored images, you must be 18 to view them

Diary of a Hamster

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Why Do People Come Here?
Monday, 15th October 2012, 15:47

One day, the lovely folks over at Piwik, an open source alternative to Google Analytics, will see the light and dump running it on PHP and make it work with Node.js, a platform far more suited to network applications than the awful alternative to ASP. One can dream anyway...

I do like Piwik, I'm convinced it offers advantages for tracking over Google's offering, if for no other reason than many privacy blockers do their best to stop Analytics tracking you, where as something on your own domain is more likely to get accurate stats.

One of the most important features when it comes to looking at your traffic, is where it came from. When it comes to search engines, knowing what keywords people are finding your content with is useful, it tells you something about what your audience is and if it's the one you are looking for.

Without this, all you have to go on is bounce rates, sometimes people really did find exactly what they were looking for on the first page they hit, but how can you tell that from those who didn't?

Top Twenty Five Common Searches

For the last month, here are the most common keywords in order, which resulted in hits to this site:

  1. Keyword not defined
  2. disney nasties
  3. tinymce typekit
  4. diary of a hamster
  5. install node.js 0.8 on centos
  6. centos 5.8 nodejs
  7. centos install nodejs
  8. centos node 'debug' if options.debug else 'release...
  9. centos reinstall nodejs
  10. collectd libxml compile error centos
  11. create your own "zx spectrum" loading screen
  12. debug' if options.debug else 'release' nodejs
  13. disney orgies
  14. guy chat room
  15. hamster "glass jar"
  16. hamster diary
  17. html5 contest 2012
  18. html5 game contest 2012
  19. javascript zx loading
  20. jquery plugin alert to much capitals
  21. jurnalul unui hamster de citit online
  22. little chat room
  23. match point zx spectrum source code
  24. node.js centos 5.8
  25. node.js isobject

Unfortunately, the top one is no-keywords-at-all, because Google protects the privacy of many users by hiding this data from the referral URL. So you know it came from Google's search engine but beyond that you are in the dark.

Still, Webmaster Tools does offer a way to get an idea as to what these might be, since it shows you much more search engine data and fills in many of the blanks. Here are the top 25 from Google:

  1. doggie position
  2. doggy position
  3. köpek pozisyonu
  4. o['default_configuration'] = 'debug' if options.debug else 'release'
  5. fluffiest dog in the world
  6. mame marquee
  7. diary of a hamster
  8. wooden brackets
  9. ashley judd ass
  10. mame raspberry pi
  11. guychat
  12. gp32
  13. zx spectrum loading screen
  14. sexual edging
  15. the fluffiest dog in the world
  16. arcade monitor
  17. install nodejs centos
  18. zx spectrum loading
  19. mame control panel
  20. hamster diary
  21. centos install nodejs
  22. html5 loading screen
  23. little chat room
  24. node.js centos
  25. chunk loader block

A fair bit of cross-over, but also quite a few things which Piwik could never pick up.


There is much that can be learned from this data, but perhaps the most useful thing is writing about Node.js and CentOS is one of my more valuable contributions to the internet, whilst the Disney Nasties are probably the most misleading. :)


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