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Automatically Cropping Images is Hard
Monday, 21st October 2013, 19:00

But maybe we can use face detection?

The Git Cheat Sheet
Friday, 6th September 2013, 11:30

for github, bitbucket, that kinda stuff

CoffeeScript and TypeScript are Stupid
Saturday, 17th August 2013, 11:21

Don't use them!

Changing the Order of the jQuery Event Queue
Wednesday, 3rd July 2013, 20:27

It's just a push to the left

How Do Spammers Get My Email Address?
Wednesday, 15th May 2013, 18:03

I think these days I have a pretty good idea

Projects and Sillyness

MAME Cabinet Diary

How I built my own arcade cabinet

Loading Screen Simulator

I don't miss the ZX Spectrum, I still use it!

The Little Guy Chat Room

It's a Pitfall inspired chat room


A fully featured MP3 player what I wrote

GP Space Invaders

My first little emulator

GP32 Development Page

Some info and links about this cute little handheld

Disney Nasties

Uncensored images, you must be 18 to view them

Minna's World

The cuttest fluffy puppy in the world

Diary of a Hamster

Learn about how hamsters think, first hand


Time Calculator

A simple little online utility for working out how many hours to bill a client

A Few Links

Minna's World

What can I say about Minna's World? Other than it is the (very out of date and old) web site dedicated to the cutest, fluffiest dog on the planet. And if you think yours is bouncier, prettier, or more lovely, then you are seriously misguided and should seek help immediately.

If I was in need of more padding because of layout issues, I might go on to say it includes pictures of my dog in various typical poses, who is incidentally a prize winning animal, having taken first place in the "Most Appealing Eyes" category against some tough competition a few years ago.

Since this is essentially a site all of its own, you might want to visit it directly in future if what is on the site you're reading proves uninteresting for you.

I'll be moving the content from Minna's World over here soon.

Until then feel free to browse her really old site at the following URL:



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